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I was always curious about computer programming, so it was a pleasant surprise to get a Sinclair ZX Spectrum back in 1990. I never learned programming at school, but I had a few friends who taught me well (they are now very good computer experts around the world from Japan to Silicon Valley). Since I was interested in visual arts it became obvious in 1997, right after the www and web design boom, that I will enjoy working in this segment.

All of my web designs are respecting W3C standards and are technically search engine optimized. I use HTML and HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySql, JavaScript and jQuery framework, just as responsive grid systems like Twitter Bootstrap. I am not using any open-source CMS. The webpages I design are dynamic running on a CMS developed by me, powered by PHP and MySql, running on Symfony or Laravel frameworks. This CMS embeds all of my experience gathered in 14 years of web design and it is updated, developed and broadened in functionality at a weekly level. The web designed after 2012 are responsive and mobile-friendly.

In the last few years I'm more and more involved in web based application development, REST interfaces and React apps.

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