A brief history of me

This is a very personal page and has nothing to do with my work. Or has it? Anyway, if you want to know me a little bit better, well – this is your chance.

Where shall I begin? Does it make any sense to write about my past? Probably not. I was born in 1979, in the center of Romania, possibly one of the most politically and culturally controverted regions of the Balkan, as the only child of old parents. I was raised in a civil class family, having a bit of german, a (very little) bit of italian but mostly hungarian origins. I studied at a foreign language class at high school, and made a degree in sociology in 2002. Since then I was working as a printer, a system administrator and a graphic designer until 2008, when I started my own small business.

I am determined, sincere, sometimes sentimental in my personal life and self-confident in my work.

I guess it's easier to answer question, and since you can't ask me right now, I will make an interview with myself below.

What do you fear the most?
Losing my interest and curiosity.

What do you enjoy the most?
Peace and harmony with myself. The inner silence. Riding a motorcycle. Feeding a dog. Sleeping in the woods in a tent, at full moon. Kissing a woman while she is sleeping.

Who would you meet right now if you had a chance to choose and where?
Tom Waits, in a train car, heading for Istanbul.

What is the most important thing a human beeing must struggle to achieve in his or her life?
To be able to love and forgive.

What about money and fame?
The first one is necessary, the second one is the root of fear, which leads to emotional paralysis.

The hardest thing to support in life is...?
The lack of love.

What is the greatest experience of your life?
Walking the Way of Saint James alone and listening to the bells of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostella at high noon the day when I arrived.

What would you like to accomplish before your death?
To walk the Camino again with my children (and possibly wife – if she wants to join).

What is your biggest regret?
Not being able to say farewell to my father before he died.

What are the places you would like to visit the most?
Many. Nepal, Japan, Cuba, Easter Islands, Tennessee – and a few more.

Any questions I shall ask now?
I don't know. If it comes in my mind, I will answer them right here.